2024 – Bare Ground in the Liminal Landscape
Solo exhibition, Casa Ceniza︎︎︎
Guadalajara, MX

2024 – Transformando la Piedra,
curated by Samael Covarrubias︎︎︎ x Marmoles Covarrubias︎︎︎
Featuring Tefra︎︎︎
Guadalajara Art Week,
Guadalajara, MX

2023 – Young Design Section, HNI Design Fair︎︎︎
Het Nieuwe Instituut︎︎︎
Featuring DAM Vessels︎︎︎
Rotterdam, NL

2023  – Isola Design Gallery︎︎︎
Salone del Mobile
Featuring DAM Vessels︎︎︎
Milan, IT

2023 – OBJECT Rotterdam︎︎︎
Featuring DAM Vessels︎︎︎,
Rotterdam Art Week,
Rotterdam, NL

2022 – Design Academy Eindhoven Graduation Show︎︎︎
Dutch Design Week
Featuring Requiem for a River︎︎︎
Eindhoven, NL

2021 – Milano Design Film Festival︎︎︎
Screening of An Endless Riddle as part of the Bloom Ecology film section curated by Formafantasma︎︎︎
Milan, IT

2021 – AQUARIA - Or the Illusion of a Boxed Sea︎︎︎
MAAT Museum︎︎︎
Featuring Shifting Sands as part of the Pedagogies of the Sea design research course co-founded by Angela Rui︎︎︎ and Formafantasma︎︎︎ 
Lisbon, PT

2019 – Day of Design, London Design Festival︎︎︎
Victoria & Albert Museum︎︎︎
London, U.K.

2019 – University of the Arts London Degree Show︎︎︎
London, U.K.

2018 – Trading Places
Stave Hill Ecological Park︎︎︎
London, U.K.

2018 – Designing Interpretation
Museum of the Order of St. John︎︎︎
Featuring Senseploration 

London, U.K.


2024 – Designer in residence – Casa Ceniza︎︎︎, Ceramics residency,
Guadalajara, MX

2024 – Transformando la Piedra Workshop – Marmoles Covarrubias︎︎︎
Guadalajara, MX

2023 – Talent Development Grant – Creative Industries Fund NL︎︎︎

2023 – Workshop and Communications Assistant – Domaine de Boisbuchet︎︎︎,
Lessac, FR

2023 – Modular Ceramics Design Club mentor – STORE Projects︎︎︎,
Rotterdam, NL

2023 – Project Assistant – Dutch Invertuals︎︎︎,
Eindhoven, NL

2022 – Project Assistant – Odd Matter Studio︎︎︎,
Rotterdam, NL

2022 - Snelgeldfonds Cultuur Eindhoven︎︎︎ Grant,
Eindhoven, NL

2019 - 2020 – Materials Library Coordinator – Matter of Stuff︎︎︎,
London, U.K.

2019 - 2020 – Jewellery Consultant – Anabela Chan︎︎︎,
London, U.K.

2019 – Matter of Stuff︎︎︎ – Material Design Competion Award,
London, U.K.

2018 – Internship – Kusheda Mensah︎︎︎,
London, U.K.


2022 – MA in Fine Arts and Design, GEO-Design︎︎︎
Design Academy Eindhoven︎︎︎
Eindhoven, NL

2019 – BA with honours in Fine Arts and Design, 3D Design︎︎︎
University of the Arts London, Camberwell College of Arts︎︎︎

London, U.K


2023 - “Tapping Water” lecture series
curated by Non-Depleted︎︎︎, Sandberg Instituut︎︎︎
Amsterdam, NL

2023 - Prada Frames “Materials in Flux” symposium︎︎︎ curated by Formafantasma︎︎︎Salone del Mobile
Milan, IT

2022 – Dutch Design Week “Learning With” symposium︎︎︎ curated by Formafantasma
Eindhoven, NL

2022 – Dutch Design Week Magazine – Formafantasma presents: Learning With symposium︎︎︎

2022 – Dutch Design Week Magazine – Formafantasma symposium: Learning With︎︎︎

2022 – Cargo Collective︎︎︎, Sites in Use

2021 - De Cheap Journal, Design Academy Eindoven

Emmie Massias (1997) is a French and Vietnamese visual researcher, artist and designer.

Through an exploration of form and material narratives, her practice investigates the entanglements between the body, territory and systems of extraction. By amplifying her own cultural identity, Emmie’s work seeks to raise questions of heritage across objects and participatory processes, facilitating knowledge sharing and storytelling.

She was recently awarded the Talent Development grant from Stimuleringsfonds, and is currently living in Guadalajara, Mexico, to pursue a four-month residency at Casa Ceniza︎︎︎.